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Eternal Burger

The Eternal Burger

Eternal Burger

This Burger is SAD (Standard American Diet).

Guess what? This burger is old. Months old. Yet, it hasn’t decomposed. In fact, the box it came in has started to break down, but the burger itself is still intact! There’s nothing healthy about it – nothing fresh and organic. Can you imagine what this would look like inside you and how hard it is for your digestive system to break it down. Think about how much more work and stress your body undergoes to process “foods” like this.

Remember, food is supposed to nourish and sustain you – not make you sick! This burger represents so much of what we eat today — food that has little to no nutritional value. Many food preparation techniques reduce the value of our meals by killing enzymes and reducing original nutrient content. Sure it’s fast. Sure it’s convenient. Sure it’s inexpensive. But how do you measure the cost to your health? At Windhawk, we believe that putting this type of food into your body doesn’t deliver health. It delivers the 3-D’s: disease, degeneration and death.

When we eat enzyme & nutrient deficient foods, the cost to your health becomes apparent. Lower energy levels.  Inability to lose excess fat. Aching joints.  And reduced immune response.

Keep your eye on the 3-D burger. Come back and visit often. It will still be here. And it will look exactly like this.

In the meantime…

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