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Staying Healthy Through the Holidays


Staying Healthy Through the Holidays

Now that you feel the discomfort and guilt from your 2,700 calorie eating spree,  you want to know what you can do to feel better about yourself…?

For starters, a walk would be a good thing – but an average 150 lb man walking at a normal pace would need to walk for around 11 hours or 25 miles. Not really feasible.  However, hiking on a trail with some incline can substantially increase your rate of calorie burn.

On another note, most people walking an average pace don’t work up a sweat, but hiking will cause most people to sweat. So what does sweat have to do with making you feel better?


juiceWell, the safest way to eliminate toxins from the body is through sweat.   Water is the universal solvent, so make sure you drinks loads of water following the big meal to help get those toxins out.

Lastly, don’t load more in on top of what you already loaded up with. Give your body time to get rid of the previous meal before you load it up again. Eat as light as you can for a few days following the big meal and make it as clean as you can, lots of raw veggies and fruit. As always make sure you load up on Enzymes and Probiotics.

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