The Nature of Performance

Right Nutrition

Right Nutrition

Living well requires living foods.

Food is your best medicine and nature is the doctor. That’s why Windhawk recommends eating foods that are living, or “raw” as much as possible. These foods contain nutrients that your cells need to function optimally. Because cooking or processing food kills vital enzymes and reduces the overall nutrient content, it’s wise to select foods that are minimally processed. Start by taking small steps – start everyday with an energizing living Windhawk smoothie and see what happens!

Nutrition is not just about eating the right foods – it’s also about using the nutrients and eliminating waste. Without this proper functioning, your body will store excessive foodstuff in the form of fat or toxins – potentially adding unhealthy weight and increasing your chances for degeneration.

Additionally, your food selections can create acidity/alkalinity imbalances, produce food sensitivities, hinder your athletic performance and weaken your immune system. Windhawk offers personalized, nutritional counseling, testing, and detoxification support to help you uncover and correct problems for achieving exceptional health and wellness.

The Windhawk Food Pyramid (1=most important & 5=least desirable)

  1. Green leafy land and sea vegetables juice.
  2. Fresh, living fruits, vegetables, nuts, & seeds; sprouted grains.
  3. Steamed vegetables, cooked fruit.
  4. Canned foods, turkey, chicken and fish; packaged whole grain products.
  5. Foods that include white flour & fried foods; products that include hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup; red meats, pork and sandwich (processed) meats; candy.

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