The Nature of Performance

Right Use


Aligning your body with your goals.

Using your body correctly optimizes your peak physical abilities and reduces your risk for injuries. At Windhawk, we not only identify areas of improper movement but we also teach you the fundamentals to make corrections the Right way.

One of the leading causes of muscle pain is poor posture. Correct posture ensures that your body is operating most efficiently in any position that you’re in. If you become lazy, your body adapts and compensates to this poor posture, leading to inefficient movement, congestion and instability.

Have you noticed that your daily movements are confined to a small space – the space right in front of your chest? You work on a computer, drive, eat, and play, all with the focus just in front of your chest. As a result, fluid muscular movements now become restricted with hardened fascia.

Fascia is an endless web of connective tissue that surrounds everything inside your body. It’s a liquid/collagen matrix when you’re young, but hardens with life’s restrictions. Its primary job is to hold your body in the “pattern” you’ve established for it. The problem is, when you hold your body the wrong way long enough, it creates tightness that can lead to muscle strength imbalances.

This tightness in fascia causes an imbalance leading to tugs-of-war in your muscles. Big muscles win and take over. Small muscles lose and complain by way of muscle and joint pain. Windhawk’s movement analysis and program of Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) identifies your tug-of-war imbalances and then works with you to rebalance.

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“I had terrible back pain and nothing I tried worked, after one visit, my pain was reduced by 50% and after 3 visits, I was completely out of pain.” ~ Michael H., Lake Havasu City, AZ